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Will Solar Panels Work on An East Facing Roof?

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Solar panels are a fantastic method to lessen your carbon footprint and support sustainable living initiatives. Will Solar Panels Work on An East Facing Roof? The ideal location for solar panels depends on a variety of factors, but one of the most crucial is how they are oriented.

We’ll demonstrate the ideal solar panel positioning for you in this article. In addition, we’ll discuss why roofs facing east have some advantages over roofs facing south.

So let’s get to the details without further ado.

How Do Solar Panels Operate?

Understanding how solar panels function is necessary before we can respond to any queries. Photovoltaic cells, often known as solar cells, are the building blocks of solar panels.

These cells take in solar energy and transform it into electricity. This is conceivable because each cell has a semiconductor material-filled space between a pair of electrodes on either side.

When sunlight strikes this substance, some of the photons, or energy packets of light, dislodge electrons from their atoms, enabling the cell to produce an electric current.

The cells are also put on a flat surface, like your roof, and linked together.

The “efficiency rating” of a solar panel is measured as the percentage of sunlight that is converted into power, which is approximately 15%.

Solar panels can produce more power and take up less space if they are more efficient.

Will My Roof Accommodate Solar Panels?

The size of the array you want to be placed on will determine if your roof is large enough for solar panels.

You would want about 28 square meters of clear roof space for a typical 4kW setup. You should be aware of any roof features that could impede or interfere with the positioning of your solar panels. This includes features like roof vents, turrets, and skylights. Although installers can typically overcome these challenges, it could increase the cost of the installation.

As an alternative, you might use flexible solar panels, which make it simpler to install solar panels onto specialized or thin roofing.

Will Solar Panels Work on An East Facing Roof?

The short answer: yes, they will work. If you can’t mount your solar panels facing south, an excellent alternative is to have an east-facing roof.

The second-best orientation is east, which is still significantly more effective than west or north and can create 80% of what a south-facing system would generate in a region with ideal solar conditions, like Southern California.

Advantages of an East-Facing Roof:

  • During the winter, sunlight reaches east-facing roofs early in the morning, late in the afternoon, and all day long.
  • 80 percent of what a south-facing roof would produce is still produced, despite its lower efficiency.

Disadvantages of an East-Facing Roof:

  • Include 80% energy production reduction due to morning shade cast by trees and buildings.
  • Less sunshine when it’s needed most—in the summer. With tracking devices that move with the sun throughout the day, this can be restricted.
  • More sunshine is received by south-facing roofs, which can increase return on investment.

What Should Be Taken into Account Before Installing Solar Panels on An East Facing Roof?

You must first take into account the environment and weather trends in your area. An east-facing roof will typically be shaded by trees or other structures in the afternoon when the sun is at its highest if it snows frequently where you live; west roofs are less likely to be sheltered in the afternoon.

You should also think about how much room you have on your roof. It doesn’t make sense to position solar panels in a way that will reduce their energy output simply because you only have room for a small number of them.

I suggest using a solar panel savings calculator to determine the ideal location for solar panels in my home.

You can quickly determine which orientation is best for your location and how much it would cost to place them there thanks to this program, which does all the arithmetic for you.

Which Direction Is Ideal for Solar Panels to Face?

In the Northern Hemisphere, where the United States is located, solar panels facing south will generate the greatest electricity.

The sun usually shines straight over the Equator for much of the year. If you are north of the equator, you can receive the maximum sunshine by facing southward. Anywhere in the world north of the Tropic of Cancer (23,4°N Latitude), the Sun traverses the southern half of the sky every day of the year. This covers the whole of the American mainland.

Due to the southerly orientation of the country, the sun will always be facing southward-facing solar panels.

What Advantages Do Solar Panels Faced South Have?

In the Northern Hemisphere, the sun rises in the eastern sky, sets in the western sky, and stays stationary in the southern half of the sky. Due to this, facing southward solar panels that are set in situ, such as those on your roof, will provide the most electricity for you. Direct south exposure to the sun.

The Bottle Line

For people who are unable to position their solar panels facing south, east-facing roofs offer a fantastic alternative.

We appreciate you reading this article and trust you found it useful.

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