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What Can 400w Solar Panel Power Run? (Answered 2022)

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400-watt solar panels are one of the biggest panels you can buy. These are not very old. Panels of this size were not feasible until a few years ago. But solar panels are getting bigger and more effective thanks to modern technology.

What can 400w solar panel power run? An AC load (constant) of 360 watts can be powered by a 400-watt solar panel at full irradiance. This value accounts for 10% inverter losses. Ceiling fans, laptops, slow cookers, and televisions are a few examples of the various appliances that fall under this category. A 120Ah battery and a 400-watt solar panel are sufficient to power a small refrigerator.

So, in this post, we’ll show you which electronics you can power with a 400-watt solar panel. To learn more, keep reading.

Electrical Specifications Of 400w Solar Panel

Below are the main characteristics of solar panels:

  • Open circuit voltage (Voc) is the voltage measured by a multi-meter when connected across the positive and negative and leads
  • Short-circuit current (Isc) is the amps that flow when the leads are shorted together
  • Maximum power voltage (Vmp) Maximum power occurs at this voltage
  • Maximum power current (Imp) Maximum power is achieved when this current flows

When the voltage and current work together to produce the most power in watts, this is referred to as the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of a solar panel. Watts at STC (Standard Test Conditions) are the panel’s rated wattage.

Renogy Solar Kits can be used for several different purposes, from trickle charging batteries to acting as an emergency power backup system. You can be sure you’re getting a high-quality system no matter what you use the kit for.

Each Renogy Solar Panel comes with a 25-year performance and 10-year materials warranty, meaning that your panels are designed to last for many years.

The Renogy 400W Monocrystalline Customers looking to upgrade an existing power system or those who are new to solar were the target audience for the creation of the Starter Kit. Numerous off-grid applications, such as those involving RVs, trailers, boats, sheds, and cabins, are also excellent candidates for the Starter Kit.

400w Solar Panel

400 Watt Solar Panel Price

A 400-watt solar panel costs around $650 without a battery kit

400-watt solar panels are not only more expensive than smaller panels in general, but they also cost more per watt of power

Their more expensive price is a result of their costly manufacturing process.

On these panels, you can easily anticipate paying 10% more.

Since 400-watt solar panels are more expensive and larger, most users choose alternative configurations like joining several 100-watt or 300-watt panels until they achieve the desired power output.

How Much Energy Can A 400-watt Solar Panel Produce?

You can get a maximum of 400 Watts of electricity per hour from solar panels with a 400-watt rating.

However, the following elements will affect the precise amount of power you can produce:

  • The number of peak sun hours in your location
  • The existing weather conditions of your state
  • Presence of dirt, dust, and or bird droppings on your panels

Therefore, if you reside in South Carolina, where there are five peak sun hours each day, your 400-watt solar panel may be able to produce 2,000 wh of energy per day or 400 W multiplied by five.

The US average for energy produced by 400w solar panels is 1.6 kWh per day.

What Can 400w Solar Panel Power Run?

As you can see, the typical daily power output of a 400-watt solar panel in the US ranges from about 805 Wh/day to more than 1656 Wh/day. If we average out all the values in the table, we have 1150 Wh/day.

Please be aware that power outputs come in two flavors: instantaneous power and accumulated power.

400 watts is the unit of instantaneous power. The daily power output we have calculated comes under accumulated power.

The power you have accumulated will determine what you can run on your solar panels.

How Many 400w Solar Panels Do You Need At Home?

Your location and level of electricity use will determine the answer to this question. You will need more 400-watt panels if you use more electricity and your home gets less sunlight, and the opposite is true.

Space Requirements

The typical 400W panel has dimensions of 6.5 x 3.2 or approximately 20.8 square feet.

If your home needed 14 400-watt solar panels, your solar array would need 291 square feet of roof space to be installed.

Calculation Time

This formula can be used to determine how many solar panels your house needs:

Let’s, therefore, assume that your home uses about 890 kWh per month (the U.S. average).

You can find out how much your home consumes by checking your utility bill

The Global Solar Atlas must then be used to discover your location’s peak sun hours. Alternatively, you can use our peak sun hour data in the resources section of our menu.

If you reside in California, your home will receive 156 hours of peak sunlight per month or about 5.2 peak sun hours per day.

Now that you have your data, you can implement the above formula:

(890 / 156) = 5,70 x 1000 = 5,700 watts.

Now you must divide the total watts by the solar panel’s power rating, in this case, 400 watts, which you already know.

5,700 / 400 = 14

This means that a home in California using 890 kWh per month needs 14 400-watt solar panels to offset electricity use.


Can a 400-watt solar panel run a refrigerator?

Yes, a 400-watt solar panel has enough power to run an 80-watt or 170-watt DC refrigerator. To do that, though, you’ll need a battery, which should last an average of 6.8 hours for a DC fridge and 14.4 hours for an 80W fridge per day.

Please be aware that these numbers will change significantly depending on your location, the weather, and how you use them.

How long will it take a 400-watt solar panel to charge my battery?

Lithium batteries can be fully charged in a few hours, but lead-acid batteries can take up to 12 hours.

Forget about lead-acid batteries of any kind, including AGM, deep cycle, valve regulated, and others; they are all based on dated technology and are not the best for solar charging.

Can an air conditioner be powered by a 400-watt solar panel?

Short-term cooling can be provided by a 400-watt solar panel. 1000Watts to 1500Watts is the power range for the smaller air conditioner used in RVs. An air conditioner can only be used for 46 to 1.15 hours with a daily charge of 1150 Wh, so this is not a practical choice.

Final Thoughts

Excellent addition to your house or RV could be a 400-watt solar panel. Sump pumps, booster pumps, surface pumps, submersible pumps, and other solar pump systems can all be powered by a 400W solar panel.

A whole house can be easily powered by enough sunlight if you combine a few 400-watt solar panels.

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