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Blue Raven Solar Reviews 2022: Pros & Cons, Cost, And More

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Since fossil fuels account for 83% of global energy production and 73% of greenhouse gas emissions, more environmentally aware homeowners are turning to solar energy as a clean, renewable energy source and as a way to save a lot of money.

Over the last six years, Blue Raven Solar has expanded its company from three to over 1,000 employees to bring solar solutions to customers throughout the United States.

Blue Raven Solar goes above and beyond with a signature financing program that requires no money down for the first 18 months and enables you to see significant savings on your first electric bill. Let’s examine Blue Raven’s features, benefits, drawbacks, and setup procedure in more detail.

Pros And Cons


  • Blue Power Plus+ financing program offers $0 payments for the first 18 months
  • Smart Start Program gives you 42 months of savings
  • Refer a Friend program offers: $500 for the first referral; $1,000 for the second referral; $1,500 for the third and future referrals
  • Gives customers $250 for every referral that receives solar from Blue Raven


  • Doesn’t offer solar batteries
  • Some customers criticize the company for aggressive sales tactics
  • Doesn’t offer solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) options
  • Has limited state availability

What Is Blue Raven Solar?

Homeowners can purchase the best solar technology from Blue Raven Solar and take ownership of their solar power systems without having to lease them from a third party in an easy and affordable manner.

The business creates a system specifically for your house, gets the necessary approvals, and installs the parts. The majority of installations are finished in a single day. There are no up-front installation fees and the first 18 months of power are free for those with acceptable credit scores. Over the course of 20 years, Blue Raven customers will save, on average, $20,000 to $80,000 on their electricity bills.

With black-on-black, monocrystalline silicon solar panels and Enphase microinverters, Blue Raven Solar utilizes the most recent solar panel technology. A smart thermostat and LED lighting for your home are also included in the Blue Raven Power Plus plan. a two-year production guarantee and a 25-year panel guarantee are included with Blue Raven. The business also offers no-cost system monitoring.

Is Blue Raven Solar Legit?

A reputable option for owning a solar power system is provided by Blue Raven Solar, which enables homebuyers to finance the purchase of solar panels. Customers who meet the requirements receive free solar power for 18 months with no money down. Blue Raven offers a route to solar ownership for homeowners who want to add solar to increase the value of their properties but can’t afford to buy the system outright.

Blue Raven Solar

Which Solar Products Are Available From Blue Raven?

Blue Raven is quickly establishing itself as a well-known solar brand as a rapidly expanding solar business. For your entire solar energy system, Blue Raven Solar is a great option because they install high-quality solar panels, inverters, and even smart thermostats.

Solar Panels

Blue Raven installs monocrystalline, tier-1 black solar panels that make the most of your rooftop space because they value their craftsmanship. Blue Raven’s slick, black-on-black solar panels are the epitome of contemporary living, with equipment that is both functional and beautiful.

Additionally, low profile, rail-free racking and concealed interior conduit runs enable homeowners to save energy without sacrificing curb appeal.

Blue Raven’s products include more than just aesthetics, though. One of the longest lifespans of all solar panels on the market, monocrystalline solar panels have efficiency ratings of up to 20%. With a 25-year warranty, these solar panels are capable of withstanding even the most extreme weather conditions for an extended period of time.

The in-house team at Blue Raven will collaborate with you to customize the solar panels for your house and will aid you in selecting the best solar panels for your energy requirements.

Solar Battery

The SunPower SunVault solar battery for energy storage is now available thanks to SunPower’s 2021 acquisition of Blue Raven Solar. With the aid of this battery, homeowners will be able to store extra solar energy for use during times of low sunlight and inescapable power outages.


To install only the best microinverters in your house, Blue Raven works with Enphase Energy. The high voltage DC to the usable alternating current conversion will be done safely by the Enphase IQ7+ Mirco and Enphase Enlighten system.

Additionally, these high-performance inverters are renowned for their dependability and are easily expandable should you decide to increase the size of your home solar system in the future.

Smart Thermostats

Without an excellent thermostat, a solar system is incomplete. The electricians at Blue Raven will replace your old thermostat with an Ecobee smart thermostat that uses wireless remote sensors to maintain comfort in every room of your house. Additionally, this thermostat has Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to regulate the temperature of your house from virtually anywhere.

Installation Process

An installation of Blue Raven is done in six steps.

1. Complete an online form

A specialist will get in touch with you after you complete the online form to ask you a few questions about things like your home’s current energy usage.

2. On-site visit

A solar installer from Blue Raven will visit your home to determine whether it is a good candidate for solar installation. The installer will assess your home for the following criteria:

  • Stable roof condition
  • Appropriate roof angles
  • Amount of shading on the roof
  • Electrical system compatibility

3. Design and permitting

The best solar panel design will be selected once installation is authorized in order to maximize efficiency. They will create the blueprints and submit the required documentation to request the necessary permits.

4. Day of installation

Once the city approves your permits, installers will do the following:

  • Prep the roof
  • Lay essential wiring and install the racking system to secure panels in place
  • Install the solar panels and connect power inverters

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5. City inspection and grid setup

After the installation is finished, a city inspector will check to see if the system complies with regulations. When everything is ready, a project manager will set up your system with the electric company.

6. Electric company visit

The utility company will visit you as the final step. Your solar panels will be turned on after an inspection is given the all-clear.

Other Benefits


The following protections are provided by Blue Raven Solar for its solar energy systems.

Product warranty: The typical 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, which addresses manufacturing flaws, is included in the solar warranties provided by Blue Raven Solar.

Workmanship warranty: A 10-year workmanship warranty from Blue Raven also addresses installation-related problems.

Two-year productivity guarantee: Following installation, Blue Raven provides a two-year warranty on its solar system. The company promises to upgrade your system at no cost if it doesn’t generate the anticipated amount of energy.

Financing Plans

The cost of a solar system averages $16,000 and installation costs range from $15,000 to $25,000. For many homeowners, solar loans are a better choice. Blue Raven provides two different payment options.

BluePower Plus+

Homeowners will not be required to make a down payment for the first 18 months of the BluePower Plus+ plan. This plan’s financing features also include no prepayment penalties and a fixed monthly payment and interest rate for the duration of the loan.

Customers, according to Blue Solar, can pay off 33% of their system in the first 18 months when used in conjunction with the federal solar tax credit of 26% for 2022.

SmartStart Program

The SmartStart program is a fantastic way to save money both now and in the future. Customers pay a low promotional rate for the first 18 months. Customers will receive a check from Blue Raven for 42 months after the promotion expires in order to maintain the same payment schedule.

Blue Raven does not offer solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs) because they believe in “customer ownership.” Customers who lease are ineligible for state and local incentives like New York State’s 25% solar energy system tax credit as well as the federal solar tax credit.

Net-metering Programs

If you live in one of the 38 states or Washington, D.C. that offer net metering, you may use this., you can sell excess energy back to the grid. Despite the fact that you are not paid in cash, you can use the credit when you need to rely on your utility company for electricity during the winter or when there is little sunlight for production.

How Much Does Blue Raven Solar Cost?

Depending on how big the installation is, Blue Raven Solar’s price changes. The business’s website doesn’t list specific prices, but prospective clients can call or submit a form to be contacted by a representative for a free consultation and details on pricing.

Customers who qualify receive solar power for 18 months at no cost to them up front. A loan is used to gradually pay off the system’s cost. For the duration of the loan, both monthly payments and interest rates are fixed.

Blue Raven Solar Customer Reviews

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has granted Blue Raven Solar accreditation, and the company has given Blue Raven Solar an A+ rating. Here’s a sample of the company’s BBB customer reviews:

  • “My husband and I are delighted that we went with Blue Raven Solar. Although we looked into other solar companies, Blue Raven Solar ultimately caught our attention. We received a very thorough and cordial explanation of the entire solar process from the sales representative. We’ve installed our solar panels, and they’re producing more electricity than we anticipated.”
  • “Kyle, the salesman, quoted me. My wife and I discussed the quote with a number of realtors, Blue Raven’s rivals, and other solar-owning residents of our area and came to the conclusion that it would be best for us to pass. Kyle was extremely rude and patronizing when I told him over text. Very unprofessional and uneducated about the meaning of saving money. Because of this experience, I won’t suggest anyone to Blue Raven.”
  • “From beginning to end, I’ve had a wonderful experience with everyone. My project was finished earlier than I anticipated. Install team arrived on time and worked efficiently. They have my endorsement. And to date, I have told four people about them.”
  • “Blue Raven helped me sign a contract, install my panels, and estimate how soon I would start benefiting from solar energy. However, a month or so after installation, I’m still having trouble getting a response to my calls asking for an estimated start date for my service.”

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Our Verdict

Through accessible financing options and an open installation procedure, Blue Raven Solar assists customers in integrating a solar energy system into their homes. We advise obtaining several quotes from various solar energy suppliers because there have been some complaints about the Blue Raven team’s pushy sales tactics.

If you intend to finance, Blue Raven Solar’s loans and warranties receive high marks; however, if battery storage or additional solar services are essential, think about choosing a different solar provider.

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Who makes Blue Raven solar panels?

Blue Raven uses a variety of solar panel manufacturers, including Jinkosolar, JA Solar, LG, Panasonic, Solaria, and Yingli in addition to Trina and Canadian Solar.

How does Blue Raven Solar work?

By 2021, 17 states will be served by Blue Raven Solar’s installation of residential solar panels using the most advanced solar technology. Blue Solar offers comprehensive services for those looking for a solar panel array, including design, permitting, installation, and custom financing of PV panels.

Does Blue Raven Solar operate legally?

A reputable solar company with excellent client testimonials is Blue Raven Solar. The business currently only employs licensed solar installers.

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