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8 Best Solar Greenhouse Heater in 2023: Buying Guide

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Think of the best solar greenhouse heater as a way to supplement existing heating systems. Solar heating can be very effective, depending on the greenhouse’s temperature and size.

By and large, installing a solar greenhouse heater is not as pricey as you may think. With a little work, it’s simple to obtain high-quality heating apparatus.

To help guide you through the various options available when it comes to greenhouse heaters, we’ve put together this page on the best greenhouse heaters:

  • 1. Nakoair Solar Air Heater Collector OS22
  • 2. Eco-Worthy 200W Solar Panel Greenhouse Heating Kit
  • 3. POWOXI 10W Warm Air Solar Heater
  • 4. Renogy 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • 5. Xinpuguang 100W Solar Panel for Greenhouse
  • 6. PK Green 10 W Small Solar Heater for Greenhouse
  • 7. Bio Green Electric Fan Heater for Greenhouse Palma Basic 2000W
  • 8. Sunhouse (Dimplex Group) SHTTH2 Tubular Heater, 80 W, Multi-Colour

Let’s discuss some of the best solar heaters for greenhouses in detail.

Best Solar Greenhouse Heater Reviews

It is now time to review some of the top-rated solar heaters you can use in a greenhouse. The following list can greatly assist you in making a decision if you haven’t had much luck finding a heater that works for you.

1. Nakoair Solar Air Heater Collector OS22

Best Features:

  • Can humidify or dehumidify room depending on its environment
  • Does not have any maintenance costs
  • Occupies less space
  • You can even switch between solar or electric energy as per convenience
  • Best for greenhouses

Nakoair solar air heater collector, a cost-effective solar device, creates a warm, healthy environment for your crop in the greenhouse. Conveniently, this little solar heater for the greenhouse doesn’t even need much upkeep.

In a small greenhouse, you can easily use it to prevent mold and moisture because it has a 72% heating capacity. It is additionally intended specifically for prolonged working. It consequently outperforms other solar-powered heaters in terms of durability.

It can be placed anywhere and the Nakoair solar heater only needs 45 square meters. Additionally, it can provide significant savings with a 10 KWH annual power consumption.

You can put all of your faith in it because it has the European solar key mark certification. This certificate is proof that the solar thermal energy production is of a high caliber. Furthermore, it shows that the use of this solar heater for the greenhouse complies with European standards.

All things considered, this product is the best option if you’re looking for a dependable, affordable solar heater.

2. Eco-Worthy 200W Solar Panel Greenhouse Heating Kit

Eco-Worthy 200W Solar Panel Greenhouse Heating Kit

Best Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Automated charging controller
  • Heats rapidly
  • Works well in low-light conditions
  • Water and rust-resistant

Due to its sturdy metal construction, the Eco-Worthy 200W solar heater can withstand severe weather conditions like storms and loads of snow. The aluminum frame is also waterproof and rust-proof.

The space heats up quickly from the two 100W panels. A charging controller is also included, similar to notch panels. The device’s longevity is ensured by this controller’s refusal to allow it to overheat.

Additionally, the panel has a built-in system to safeguard it from reverse polarity, short circuits, and undervoltage.

This panel is shielded from harm by an internal protection system. Furthermore, it is a great product to use in your greenhouse due to its exceptional durability and simple installation features. Additionally, since this solar panel offers a continuous energy supply, you are no longer concerned about power outages.

This solar panel is undoubtedly the best option for your greenhouse thanks to its eco-friendly features and efficient heating.

3. POWOXI 10W Warm Air Solar Heater

POWOXI 10W Warm Air Solar Heater

Best Features:

  • Metal mesh cover
  • A fence on the back
  • Simple panel
  • Automatic movement option
  • No need to use long extension wires
  • Safe to use
  • Three-speed charging adjustment
  • Cuts off power itself at high temperatures

It is a portable, effective solar heater that would work best in your greenhouse. POWOXO 10W Warm Air Solar Heater’s heating system is quick because it makes use of premium PTC ceramic heating.

Additionally, the device lacks a loud noise and has a safety protection feature. It has a very alluring aesthetic design, and when placed inside the greenhouse, it will look lovely.

It distinguishes itself from other heaters for a greenhouse thanks to its elegance and adaptable features. You also receive lifetime technical support and a one-year warranty with this item.

Your greenhouse will heat up quickly with this economical heater. It is also environmentally friendly.

4. Renogy 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Renogy 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Best Features:

  • Provides heat even in low-light conditions
  • Easy to mount with a flexible metal handle
  • Highly durable
  • Charging controller makes it safe from catching fire
  • Energy and cost-effective
  • Can operate with different batteries

This 100 W monocrystalline solar heater is dependable and made for greenhouse use. It can maintain its stability despite wind and snowstorms thanks to its sturdy construction.

With two 100 watt solar panels, it has a 200W total capacity. Because of this, it can quickly supply the greenhouse with heat even when it is chilly and overcast.

Its multiple sheet lamination layers make sure that your greenhouse stays warm for a very long time. A sturdy, rust-proof, and adjustable stand is also included with the panel.

Additionally, the device has a 4-stage charging regulator that prevents overcharging. Temperature and battery sensors are additional safety features. To keep the heater safe and secure, they all cooperate.

It is a good solar heater because it can function well even in cloudy and gloomy conditions. Additionally, its special safety features, like the charging regulator, give you the greatest protection possible from an unanticipated hazard.

This solar panel may be an appropriate option if you’re looking for a cheap and environmentally friendly solar heater for a greenhouse.

5. Xinpuguang 100W Solar Panel for Greenhouse

Xinpuguang 100W Solar Panel for Greenhouse

Best Features:

  • Designed for long-term use
  • Durable
  • Able to heat quickly regardless of the weather
  • Cell efficiency is 8%

For heating your greenhouse, consider this impressive 100 W monocrystalline solar panel kit. The panel contains silicon solar cells, which are very effective.

Due to the surface’s PET material, it is waterproof and can absorb the most sunlight. The device then generates quick solar energy and quickly heats the greenhouse.

These panels come with pre-drilled holes that make it simple to install them anywhere. It can also withstand strong winds and snow thanks to the corrosion-resistant aluminum cover. It won’t sustain any damage even if you mount it atop your greenhouse.

Although it might seem a bit pricey, the product is worth every penny. Its durability and long-term usability are guaranteed by the rust- and water-resistant material. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

This is a remarkably dependable and practical heating source for off-grid areas like greenhouses. Furthermore, you can take pride in making a positive impact on a cleaner environment because it does not remove any pollutants.

6. PK Green 10 W Small Solar Heater for Greenhouse

Best Features:

  • Uses far-infrared heating technique
  • No noise or pollution
  • Completely secure with thick metal protective cover
  • Saves you maintenance costs
  • High-thermal efficiency
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Long term warranty

This 10W monocrystalline solar heater is environmentally friendly. Additionally portable, it can effectively create the ideal environment for your crops in the greenhouse.

It is extremely safe and secure due to its top-notch aluminum protective covering. There are holes in the metal covering that can be used to mount it quickly.

The heater is rust and UV resistant overall. It is also water-resistant. These attributes combine to make this product incredibly reliable and durable.

You don’t need to connect any additional cables to the panel because it comes with a long wire that is all you need to turn it on. Excitingly, the product has a 20-year limited warranty that will help keep it in top condition for a very long time.

It provides you with a number of features as one of the top solar panels for greenhouse heaters. A small greenhouse can be quickly and effectively heated. In addition, you can set it up anywhere thanks to its portable design.

Anyone looking for an effective heater with low maintenance requirements should consider this product. Additionally, the warranty period increases the product’s legitimacy.

7. Bio Green Electric Fan Heater for Greenhouse Palma Basic 2000W

Bio Green Electric Fan Heater for Greenhouse Palma Basic 2000W

Best Features:

  • Very nice-looking greenhouse heater with a modern aesthetic
  • Solidly built and robust with a combination of stainless steel and heavy-duty plastic
  • Waterproof to an IPX4 level means it’s safe to use in even the clumsiest person’s greenhouse
  • Very accurate temperature control
  • Thermostat has a wide range of 0-80 degrees Celsius

This is still a top-notch greenhouse heater that is as reliable and attractive even without the free external thermostat. It has a more contemporary appearance than many other greenhouse heaters due to the combination of shiny stainless steel and heavy-duty black plastic.

It has been made for use in greenhouses, where moisture from condensation, splashes of water, and other sources can damage electrical equipment if it is not made to withstand the environment. Thank goodness the IPX4 rating of the Bio Green Palma basic heater.

Even though there isn’t an external thermostat any longer, the capillary thermostat that is built into the heater is more than adequate for the majority of gardeners and their greenhouses. With a range of 0-80 degrees Celsius, it is surprisingly accurate. If you really want to fine-tune that accuracy, this heater is compatible with other external thermostats from third parties.

This 2 kW heater’s fan power is impressive, but it operates continuously like its Light House brand rival, so it shares the same advantages and disadvantages. I will say, however, that based on what I have seen, this heater is more energy-efficient and won’t shock you to death when the bills arrive in the mail.

8. Sunhouse (Dimplex Group) SHTTH2 Tubular Heater, 80 W, Multi-Colour

Best Features:

  • Extremely energy efficient and won’t raise the electric bill too much
  • IPX4 rated and will handle water slashes like nobody’s business
  • It has a built-in, adjustable thermostat
  • Comes with mounting brackets to attach it to your walls
  • Does a good job of keeping the temperature above freezing despite being only 80 watts

Many gardeners use tubular greenhouse heaters to maintain temperatures above freezing, and this one from Sunhouse is among the best sellers online.

This type of greenhouse heater is very popular because of how simple it is to install and use. All you have to do is insert the heater into the mounting brackets, screw them into the surface of your choice, and turn on the heater. Really, that’s all there is to it.

The built-in thermostat is also present, but it can be managed just as easily. There are no temperature settings, just like with the Light House 2kw heater we previously reviewed, but you can adjust the heat by twisting the dial at the end of the heater’s tube by turning it up or down.

Don’t expect this, or any other, tubular greenhouse heater to produce massive amounts of heat, but for an 80-watt device, it does an excellent job of keeping temperatures above freezing inside the greenhouse, even when they are minus zero outside

What is a Solar Greenhouse Heater?

The sun’s energy is transformed into thermal energy by a solar greenhouse heater, which then disperses it. It requires collectors, which can be photovoltaic (PV) panels or solar heat absorption panels, to accomplish this.

When using PV panels, the electrical energy is typically converted into heat by an electric heater. The best heaters for a solar setup are those with active air circulation. On the other hand, solar heat absorption panels directly generate heat that is then dispersed through convection or a 12V circulation fan that is powered by an additional PV panel.

Purchasing the collectors and heater separately is likely required if you choose a PV collection system. Batteries or thermal mass storage are also required.

Compared to a PV panel system, a solar furnace is easier to set up and is available as a single unit. It consists essentially of a black panel that heats up when exposed to sunlight.

It draws cold air from the greenhouse, warms it up as it moves around the panel, then returns the heated air to the greenhouse. Because hot air rises, the cold air intake is at the bottom of the panel and the hot air vent is at the top. Convection is a natural way for air to move. The addition of a fan enhances heating and circulation.

What to Consider When Buying a Solar Greenhouse Heater

It is not feasible, from a practical standpoint, to heat a greenhouse solely with solar energy without also including a means of energy storage. Existing gas or electric heaters are less expensive to run when using solar heaters. When shopping for a solar heater, consider the following:

  • The size of the greenhouse: A large space requires more heating, which calls for more panels (or more effective ones) and larger heaters. If you have a PV system, monocrystalline (as opposed to polycrystalline) cell panels will offer better heating efficiency, but they are more expensive.
  • The purpose of the greenhouse: In a cold winter climate, you need a lot of heat to grow tropical plants. If you’re only starting seeds early in the spring, you probably don’t need as much.
  • Available space for panels: For the purpose of installing PV or heat-absorbing panels close to the greenhouse, a clear, south-facing space is required. On the greenhouse roof, panels are not permitted because they will block the light.
  • Level of Insulation: The quality of your greenhouse’s insulation is a further crucial factor to take into account. To ensure that there is little heat loss, your greenhouse should be adequately insulated. You’ll be able to purchase even tiny solar heater panels for greenhouses thanks to it.

Types of Solar Greenhouse Heaters

Using barrels of water placed in sunny locations, where they will warm up during the day and radiate heat at night, is an age-old method for keeping greenhouses warm at night. The simple do-it-yourself fix is that. Commercial systems offer at least three options:

  • PV panels: These transform the energy from the sun into electricity, which powers a space heater.
  • Solar furnaces: The panels, which are typically installed in greenhouse walls, take in sunlight and warm the air there.
  • Hot water panels: Water that is pumped through pipes in the greenhouse floor or walls is heated by solar absorption panels.

Pros and Cons of Solar Greenhouse Heaters

These mirror the pros and cons of solar power generation systems in general:


  • You benefit from free heat and energy!


  • Energy is only available when the sun is shining. For the evenings and overcast days, you’ll need a storage system or backup heating.
  • Installing panels may be challenging depending on how the greenhouse and the surrounding area are set up.
  • Periodically cleaning is required for panels. That entails removing snow as well.

Final Thoughts on Best Solar Greenhouse Heater

As we’ve seen, heating your greenhouse with solar panels and a heater can be a pricey endeavor. Instead, there are various hybrid heating techniques available, such as passive solar heating systems that combine thermal mass, a heat exchanger, and solar-heated hot water to produce much more affordable and energy-efficient heat.

Below are our top picks we choose from the market:

  • 1. Nakoair Solar Air Heater Collector OS22
  • 2. Eco-Worthy 200W Solar Panel Greenhouse Heating Kit
  • 3. POWOXI 10W Warm Air Solar Heater
  • 4. Renogy 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  • 5. Xinpuguang 100W Solar Panel for Greenhouse

We highly recommend Nakoair Solar Air Heater Collector OS22 and Eco-Worthy 200W Solar Panel Greenhouse Heating Kit for their high quality and easy to use.

Please share in the comments what you think is the best solar heater for greenhouses.

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